My Dream Packs a Punch

Ouch! That was the word I heard in the middle of the night. It seems I have accidentally hit my wife in my sleep.

I am so sorry honey….



Strangely I remember it was all due to a dream. I am not much of a dreamer, i.e. I do not dream much when I sleep. This time however is quite different. I remember vividly that in this dream I was a supercop! Hahaha…Supercop. You folks can stop laughing now.

In the dream I did all the things a supercop would do. In this instance, I was pursuing a crook. I guess you can say this is no ordinary crook as in the dream it was a real challenge pursuing him. Towards the end of the dream I threw something at him to try to knock him off balance and…… I was woken up by wife’s OUCH! Seems my right hand had mimic the action of throwing something and hit her on the forehead.

I was told that right before I hit her, I was mumbling/grumbling something. I guess in my dream I was kinda shouting at the crook to stop running or face the consequences.

This is the first time ever that I remember a dream so vividly and also someone was hurt in the process. I couldn’t help it but laugh as I kept apologizing at my wife. Am glad she was not mad at me but had the humor to laugh along.

It is indeed a good thing that I do not sleep walk. Maybe I had watched too much action or cops-related movies.


3 thoughts on “My Dream Packs a Punch

  1. Hahaha! I had the opposite experience. I was hit by my wife!

    We dream every time we sleep at night. Just that we don’t remember the dreams if our sleep cycle is normal. If we are awaken during a dream sequence then we will remember the dream.

    Do you know that everyone acts out their dreams? Just that our brain has this little switch that turns off our motor responses while we are dreaming so that we do not thrash about or sleepwalk, sleeptalk or sleep-whatever. Sometimes there is hitch and the switch don’t work perfectly and that’s when you ‘kung-fu’ while dreaming!

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