Kids Out of This World

Children in the present age and time are truly amazing. If you have children in your family, I am certain you will be impressed by their degree of intelligence, awareness and ability.

Kids of yester years are more passive. If you put them on a chair and tell them to sit, there they will be until they are told it is ok to move. Pull the same stunt on them today and rest assured you will be bombarded will all kinds of questions – why, when, what, where, etc.

I am definitely impressed by all the children I see around me everyday. More so are the reality programmes on the TV, i.e. Junior Masterchef Australia, Live to Dance US, etc.

Kids between ages 8-15 preparing food that are so tasty and creative that they are good enough to be served in fine dining restaurants. Kids age 9 who speaks and acts like a child but dance like pro. How? I am flabber-gasted.

My favourite 3 performances:


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