Battle of the Bulge

Traffic was horrendous this morning. Literally car was crawling from home to my office.

As people always say, “Don’t rush around. Take time to smell the flowers”. Well, there were no flowers to smell but plenty of things to see. One of the very interesting sight that captured my attention was a “bulge”.  What bulge? Courtesy of our nation’s Royal Malaysian Police Force.

It was a traffic policeman manning the traffic junction. I was shocked to see his “inflated” tummy. I have seen many police officers with bulges but this is *ahem* HUGE! If I were to measure it, it will easily surpass 45inches!

Then the thought came to me – If he had to pursue a crook on feet, will he be able to run? I read in the papers long time ago that police personnels undergo fitness/health tests every year and there is a standard they have to maintain. With all these bulges around, do they actually pass the test?

Psst! Someone asked me why I did not take the picture of the officer. Don’t want la…afterwards kena saman le (english: don’t want for fear of getting summoned)

Being a police personnel must be rewarding considering the many bulges I have seen. Perhaps PDRM will care to clarify the process and guidelines for fitness and health.


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