Service Undesirable

Hey guys and gals, have you ever noticed the standard of our service industry? Am referring to people in various industries from toll collectors – car park cashiers, bank employees, restaurants, etc.?

Whilst I admit that the standard of service has improved, there is still lots (in fact tons) of room for improvement. Many of these people tend to look really miserable, sometimes angry too! What’s wrong with them? Are they being ill-treated by their employer or they just hate their jobs?

When I was in England, I cannot help but notice the “Excellent” service standard. Customers are special and important to them, unlike here in Malaysia. Unless we go to a 5-star establishment, we are likely to encounter a “sour” face.

A toll collector or car park cashier is likely to snatch the ticket/money from you and not even a word of thanks. We, the customers tend to be the one to say please and thank you. Bank employees tend to throw their frustrations at us, waiters/waiteresses ignoring us, etc, etc, etc.

Do the people in the service industry not realize that “excellent” service is a selling-point too? Who does not like to be treated like a VIP or Royalty? It does not matter if your products/ambience is not 5-star. A VIP service accorded to customers will see them coming back for more! Think about it!


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