Corporates’ Facebook – Do & Don’t

Every corporate seems to be jumping onto the social media bandwagon now, particularly Facebook.

However have you noticed that a number of them only uses it to do promotions/marketing? It is not really communication if it is only 1-way traffic. Try posting a question/complaint/feedback and see if they acknowledge.

From experience, some of them only reply to questions pertaining sales or compliments. Complaints or constructive feedback are ignored. The worst are those who completely ignore everything.

I wish to “compliment” an upscale shopping centre (located along Bintang Walk, near Starhill, with very impressive festive decorations) in particular for their Facebook. Apparently it is only for promotion and marketing, i.e. 1-way communication. I posted a few feedbacks and constructive criticisms and *walla* not a single reply. Even I posted another 1-2 times highlighting this lack of communication, still there was no reply.

The silence is deafening. I suppose this is what Pavilion calls Customer Service – Tell us your wonderful stories but nothing negative please….we’re so good that there is no room for improvement.

The Genuine compliments go to companies like Fullhouse and Maxis. They acknowledge, reply and attend to all feedbacks. Now, this is what I call Customer Service.

In conclusion, if you’re going to be on the social media bandwagon, then be responsive and responsible.  Above all, maintain it as a 2-way communication!

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