Makan Kitchen @ DoubleTree

It was history in the making. For the first time in my life, I had a one week birthday celebration and it lasted till the wee mornings of Jan17.

The 2nd last celebration and final celebration was in a relatively new hotel – Doubletree @ Hilton. Hilton hotels have always been great in terms of ambience, food or service.  Below are some of the pics to share with you…

Upon arrival, you will receive the signature welcome sign – hands on heart. The staff are as warm as Hilton KL. Hilton standard see? Apparently many of the staff here was transferred from Hilton KL.

From parking to Makan Restaurant, you will need to switch lifts – one lift from parking to lobby then a walk to the end of lobby for the lift to rooms and restaurants.

The food served here is the 1Malaysia concept – only malaysian food. No international food. There are 3 major kitchens in Makan Kitchen – Chinese, Malay and Indian. Then there are some food selections from the other minority races in Malaysia.

There was one particular waiter that was very good – Hasni. He was very attentive, helpful and pro-active.

Some deco of kitchenware you will find in a kitchen
Some choice of wines placed in front of reception counter

Out of the 3 kitchens, I preferred the Chinese and Malay kitchen. Food quality was good. As for the Indian Kitchen, it was not that the food was not good but rather the variety was limited (in my opinion). Anyway, some of the food served in Malay Kitchen was outstanding, i.e. satay, seafood, etc. Food from Chinese Kitchen was good but definitely room for improvement, inc the variety.

Kueh...very nice
Chinese Kitchen - Yee Sang ala D.I.Y (not too bad)
Chinese Kitchen - left view. More food on right view (not inside)
Malay Kitchen - Fishball noodles (interesting range of fishballs)
Malay Kitchen - Fishballs......the whole range. Some include a smiling face 🙂
Malay Kitchen
Malay Kitchen - yummy kueh
Malay Kitchen - more kueh le...
Malay Kitchen
Kiddie's Utensil set
Fruit counter - fruits here are fresh and sweet
ABC machine - too bad they do not allow DIY

Wide view of Malay Kitchen

Overall, the dining experience in Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree was good. It is definitely not the poorer cousin of Hilton KL in terms of quality and service. Of course if one is to dine in Makan Kitchen, one must be prepared to accept the absence of international food.

In terms of service, the waiters and waitresses still have room for improvement in order to be more consistent but I have no complaints.

Cost-wise, it is fair. Not excellent, but fair!

Most important 2 questions – Will I return & Will I recommend to family/friends? Yes, I think I will be very comfortable to.


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