G2 Vs AI10

This is not the sci-fi movie Alien Vs Predator. Rather this month of January sees the premier of  2 “hot” shows – Glee (s2) and American Idol (s10).

Am quite confident that Glee s2 is going to be entertaining and fun.  As for AI10, mmm…. after what I saw last night, I am not disappointed – did not expect anything from it therefore I am not disappointed!

What can I say? As much as the “talented” (both ends) wannabe singers are an attraction, the real attraction was Simon Cowell. There is hardly any punch since he left. *sigh* My thoughts on the judges?

  1. Randy Jackson – same old “dawg”…
  2. Steve Tyler – he is supposed to be a big shot in the entertainment industry but as a judge, he reminds me of Disney’s Goofy! Errrr….
  3. J Lo – she is trying to stamp her authority in the show but am not impressed with her nonetheless. Also, she seems to freak out at the outrageous talents….hahaha
Mr. Cowell, I salute you. You will be sorely missed in American Idol

Maybe American Idol should take a break for 1-2 years. That will really feshen up eveything when they resume the show. The show has been going on too long. Look at the recent Idol winners – how many albums did they sell? Compare that to Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. AI show is stale! Too predictable and boring!

Will I faithfull follow AI10? Fat chance. I will stick to the real singing – Glee Season 2 *Yeah*


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