Jolly Birthday

Ask not how old I am. Ask how young I am 🙂

Anyway, just celebrated my birthday on January 16. This could possibly be one of the best birthdays I have had my life. Much credit goes to my wife for making it extra special. This year I also learnt the meaning of celebrating a birthday for one week, again the idea of my wife. Be careful though as it can be quite addicting. I am now asking my wife to celebrate my birthday for 6 months :p hahaha

My birthday celebration started one week before exact date and the treatment I received was Emperor standard! PTL.

Everything was perfect!

Being a Malaysian, the eating was endless…one meal after another (almost). When I weighed myself in wee mornings of Jan17, though expected, I was still kinda shocked :p Besides food, of course there is the blessings of hairdo and gifts and many many little things (courtesy of my wife).

So now, I have the same question for my wife – “Can I celebrate my birthday for another 5 months?”


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