Girls = Princesses?

Girls are sweet, innocent, soft spoken, gentle, etc….. Is this still true?

I cannot help but notice that girls nowadays can be more rowdy than boys. My observations are based on personal witnessing and sharing by parents.

I have heard so many parents share with me that “oh, don’t be fooled by them. Girls nowadays are not easier to manage than boys”

Then there is the shouting, fighting, running around, etc. Mmm…sometimes I  just cannot believe my own eyes the behaviors of girls.

Of  course in all fairness, children in these millenium are different. Then again, should girls/daughters be so Ruffian-like? What happened to Princesses? Perhaps parents need to shoulder the responsibility.

My apologies to folks who think I am being offensive but hey, I am a kinda traditionalist – I believe girls/daughters should be soft, gentle, well behaved – in other words, a Princess!


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