Attitude is a Decision

Have you ever noticed how so many people walk in and out in the midst of a church service? In my years of attending services, I notice unhealthy or disrespectful habits:

  1. Walking in and out
  2. Mobile phone ringing
  3. Coming in late
  4. Talking
  5. Rushing off before service finishes
  6. etc.

Compare our habits attending church to attending seminars. I had attended Robert Kiyosaki’s School of Business a few years ago. My observations:

  1. One hour before the door open for entry to the room and it was already packed. Many people were already sitting, queuing and waiting outside the door
  2. Nobody walked around or went to the toilets during the session
  3. No ringing of mobile phones
  4. No sound from the opening/closing of the ring files
  5. No talking/chatting
  6. etc.

Why? Cause Robert pre-set his expectations/rules and everyone complied. Again why? I believe it is for the respect of the speaker.

Can the church do likewise? What would church members say? Will they be offended?

If we can show respect and discipline towards speakers in the circular world, how much more should we behave towards GOD.


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