ATM Etiquette

How’s banking like in your place? Do you always come across long queue be it at the cashiers counter or the machines?


I am very much an internet banking bloke as well as using the automated machines. Still, the banks seem to run out of sufficient machines to serve the community. Either the people traffic is too big or too many machines are offline. *humph*

Just now I thought of making a quick drop and dash transaction at a bank. At the cheque deposit machine was a man depositing huge number of cheques. He was there taking his time and ignoring everybody else….well, he was basically ignoring me alone (there was nobody else at the queue).

I made a quick calculation of the number of cheques he had – no less than 3 dozen :0

I politely asked him if he could let me quickly deposit just one cheque. Either he needs me to speak in Greek, he completely ignored me and went about doing his stuff. I asked again and he ignored me again.

Talk about being inconsiderate. Just last month I was in a same situation but this time it was a postman. I never even asked but he offered to let me deposit my cheque first as he still had many cheques in hand. I was pleasantly surprised at his kind gesture.

Well, I suppose there are all kinds of people. Let us ourselves be considerate towards others when we conduct our bank activities.


3 thoughts on “ATM Etiquette

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  2. These people either have no manners or no one taught them manners. Complete self-centred pricks! They just go about their business with no regards for anyone but themselves.

    If you have about half a hundred checks to deposit or 2 dozens stack of cash to deposit you have to at least be mindful of the queue behind you. People use the deposit machines for quick convenient transactions. If you do not want to be bothered queuing again then use the normal bank counters.

    I absolutely hate it when there’s only one deposit machine functioning and we are all stuck behind one of these pricks who just goes on merrily doing one transaction after another, taking forever and a day. How I hope that somehow the machine will eat up all the money/cheques and say it hasn’t received a single dime or spit out all the cash in their faces.

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