1-Handed Wiper

It is raining cats and dogs everyday in KL. Yesterday I had sent my wife to the physiotherapy center. I dropped her off and then went elsewhere.

On my way back to fetch her, needless to say, the sky opened and poured. Thank God for windscreen wipers. Like the Karate Kid (prior version), my wiper went wipe left, wipe right, wipe left, wipe right.

Waited for my wife for about 30-45mins in the center while my car was parked in the building basement parking. As we left, it was still raining and again my windscreen wiper went into action – left, right, left, right.

A short few minutes later we heard loud knocking. I almost freaked out. It was raining so heavily and with heavy traffic, therefore it was impossible for me to stop my car to check. *Kong kong kong* suddenly it stopped. So did my wiper – one side anyway.

I scratched my head and thanked God that it was not the driver’s side that stopped else I will have to stick my head out in the rain to see (like Mr. Bean) :p

Today I had my car checked and found out that the nut on my wiper was loose. In fact it could’ve easily come out. Was told that it does not loosen so easily unless someone attempted to remove the wiper.

Conclusion is there was an attempt to steal my wiper. I found out that my wiper is original and costs easily RM600+. I can only guess the reason the wiper was still attached to my car while the nut was already 95% loosed, was the thief was somehow interrupted or frightened away by someone or something.

The next time I go there I am going to highlight this matter to the parking security. Thank God for protection else RM600+ would’ve flown out of my wallet. Never thought someone would try to steal my car windscreen wiper.


3 thoughts on “1-Handed Wiper

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