Back to Work Glory…

It’s back to school for the children. It is also back to work for adults like me!

Going to work in the morning can be quite a drag sometimes, though it is my own business. Perhaps that is a sign to retire? haha..  Today was however exceptionally *different* 

Started this morning with a wonderful home breakfast. Breakfast was prepared by none other than my Masterchef wife. Though was a simple breakfast, the flavor and creativity was excellent. The main dish was accompanied by my favorite Oreo cookies, fresh milk and grape juice 🙂   *yipee*

Breakfast prepared with a BIG heart

Traffic was also excellent all the way to the office. To God be the glory. He prepared me well today. I was in an excellent condition – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Hallelujah! This is me today!


I was feeling so sharp in my mind that I can steamroll over all problems and challenges.

My productivity today was sky-high today! I was zooming about all my work at top speed. Oooohhh…I was so impressed myself :p

What a way to begin year 2011 at work!

pssst! I have a wonderful dinner to return home to today! Bonus!


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