Today is New Year’s day. Thought we go for some colonial experience in Coliseum. It was an interesting experience indeed…


Reached there about 7pm+ and the place was beginning to fill up with diners. Parking was not a problem as there are plentiful of legal parking places behind the restaurant.

We were attended to by an elderly man called “Captain Ho” (referring to his name tag). He is about the friendliest-NOT captain you can find. Not a chance to get him to smile, least recommend Coliseum’s signature dishes to us. When we were sitted, the table cloth was dirty from the previous diners. Guess what he did! Any other restaurants would replace the cloth with a new piece but Captain Ho conveniently just turned the cloth inside-out. When we queried, he scolded us, saying “Is this not ok?”. Even when his colleague came with a new cloth, he sent him back saying not necessary. What????????

Dining Hall...nothing's changed much since colonial days


Promo Menu... (hidden from us)

We ordered steak (rib eye & fillet), bread & butter, mushroom soup, lychee ice and orange juice. Here’s our comments:

  • Rib eye & fillet steak – we did not get to select the choice of gravy. Captain Ho volunteered us for brown sauce. The steak was edible but nothing to shout about
  • Bread & butter – the butter was rock solid…yeah, solid. Had to use strength to cut it then wait for it to soften a little before being able to put on the bread
  • Iced lychee – normal
  • Orange juice – very good. Tasty (surprisingly)

There was a special set menu which was not mentioned or shown to us until we finshed our dinner and saw the menu ourselves….says much for the service here…

Service is best not mentioned. With the exception of one or two servers who act normally, the rest, like Captain Ho are a real pain in the neck. Captain Ho was so “friendly-Not” that we dare not ask too many questions nor take an extra 2-3 minutes to look at the menu.

Price of the food is quite high considering the minimal ambience, below par service and more importantly very ordinary food quality.

Ambience – nothing has changed much since the days of the Brits. They tend to do the sizzling steak in the room causing the room to be filled with smoke *cough cough*. Situation is not helped with faulty exhaust fans.

Location – Ok. Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman is easily accessible.

Will we return? Needless to say it is a NO!

Sorry folks, there are no photos of any food as there is nothing good to snap

Well folks, hope you had a much better dining experience on New Year’s day than us.

One thought on “Coliseum

  1. My first shock was , when they clean up the table, Captain Ho just turned over threused dirty table cloth (previously patronised but table not cleared) & i went “shock:”…he scolded out loud. “IS THIS NOT OK???”

    sure it’s not ok, it’s so UNHYGIENIC!!!

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