Political Amusement

Selangor freezes ban on use of 1Malaysia logo in adverts.

Does the above article look familiar? Each day, I read the papers amused at our local politicians, namely the opposition. I am not a supporter of any particular parties – I only support those who are here to serve the people with integrity.

The opposition has long sounded their intention to wrest control of the federal government. They did well in the last general election in a few states but the people have not see any significant progress since.

I cannot help but notice the following:

  1. Internal bickering
  2. Power struggle (is power and authority so important?)
  3. Complete absence of strategy
  4. Lack of cohesion among component parties

Let’s be honest. The latest saga in Selangor on the 1Malaysia logo thingy has certainly done more damage than good. Has nobody thought of the consequences of the decision/action?

In the next general election, who are we to vote for? Is the present goverment doing enough to prove that they are the government for all? Are they performing their duties with utmost integrity?

Do we voters have an alternative? If the Opposition receives a crushing defeat, whose faulty will it be? Is it that the present government is performing better or simply the Opposition has just shot themselves in the foot too many times and therefore left us with no choice?

Stop the clown acts – making a fuss in parliament, staging a walk-out, calling names, giving so much focus on wresting the federal government. Start focusing on performing your duties with integrity and unselfish manner. We the voters are not dumb – we have eyes, we have ears, we have brains. In case nobody in the political arena noticed, Malaysian voters have matured. Beware!

Our country’s political scene is really a joke. Was just telling a friend over lunch that I read the papers on politics for amusement – not cause I support any party. Ain’t it sad?

Let’s hope our politicians grow up. Tomorrow will be good!


2 thoughts on “Political Amusement

  1. whatever feels good to you, my man. regardless,i want nothing to do with this. don’t know. Anyway, i have subscribed to your rss feed which really should do the trick! Have a good day!

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