Entrepreneurs – What is Beyond your Vision?

Had a wonderful Christmas or as the French would say a eu un Noël merveilleux.

Everything was a blessing – time with wife, food, church service and time with family members.

Over the weekend, I was given a fresh reminder of something truly beautiful and I wish to share with all of you…

The following message is for all Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why are you an entrepreneur or aspire to be one?
  2. What is the single most meaningful thing you wish to achieve by being an entrepreneur? 
  3. Have you seen the bigger picture?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. In fact the desire and passion dates back to my schooling days. When I started my business and then it blossomed more and more, I had always had this reason for my entrepreneurship venture – ME! Yeah, ME! Everything was about me.

I wanted the following:

  1. Self satisfaction
  2. Self gratification
  3. Better and more comfortable life
  4. Better finances (was never in my priority list as I believe money is an automatic reward for doing things right)

Needless to say, in my prayers, the whole idea of praying for my businesses has always been for my benefit. That was until one day, I received a revelation – a challenge – the true big picture.

My heavenly father made these statements to me: 

  1. My involvement in business is not for ME! 
  2. I am only a VEHICLE so that thru the blessing I receive, I will be a channel of blessing to the needy

As I was shocked and at same time awed be the question, I have no doubt that I have seen the BIG picture. God does not mean for me to live as a pauper just because I am willing to be a vessel of blessing. Myself and family will never be short-changed or deprived. He has promised to meet all our needs.

As I searched my heart, I realised that in my heart, thru the years, I have a burden for the needy – people who need finances for a variety of needs – medical, education, home, food, etc. Self-satisfaction was a still a factor but was never the primary factor.

The Lord has opened my eyes to my heart and understood my true desire. Life was never the same again then. My involvement in business is now to be EXCELLENT and be financially RICH so that I can be “the vessel”. Of course in our daily lives, there are many distractions – busyness, family, “wants”, selfishness, etc. That is why I need to be consistently reminded which my wife helps me and also God (in the most subtle of ways).

So my fellow entrepreneurs what do you think will give you the most pleasure or satisfaction – blessing yourself or see someone’s life changed?

It is ok to want to be rich and successful. Otherwise how can we be effective and have the ability to bless others? God says it is not sin to be rich. In fact He wants us to prosper.

However, please be warned that we need to cover ourselves in prayer. Else we risk being successful and then hoarding everything for ourselves. Nothing that we own belongs to us, not even the credit of doing well in our businesses. We are but a vessel. We are a steward of God’s blessings. We are blessed so that we can be a blessing.

My fellow entrepreneurs, I encourage all of you to see beyond ourselves. See the needs – the people.


Aspiring entrepreneurs – do you have a new perspective in your pursuit to be an entrepreneur?


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