Pests that Puff

I will probably in the bad books of many smokers after this posting but am going to do it anyway.

I was in a cafe having my light lunch while reading a book. It was a bliss until somone came to sit behind my table. We were sitting back to back. Soon I was transported to a world of “clouds” and “mists”, not to mention the “odour”… I felt as if I was in Mount Everest with the exception to the air condition.

It was suffocating being enveloped by the smoke. I just cannot comprehend the inconsideration of smokers. This is not the first time I was in a similar condition. It got so bad that I couldn’t take it and decided to abandon ship. I packed my stuff, paid my bill and left.

If you’re reading this post and a smoker, please take note of this – we non smokers do not appreciate second hand smoke. Please keep your smoke to yourself. TQVM.

Unwilling or Volunteer Victim?

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