Hear Ye Hear Ye


Buying cars is considered a “want” – not “Need”. We all have cars, houses, bank accounts, etc. but what happens qwhen we passed away?

I speak from the perspective of an individual, husband, son, entrepreneur and friend. Too often I have noticed families crumbled and suffer because the someone did not do the right things. In this case, I am referring to the matter of preparing our assets transfer, inheritance planning or more popularly known as estate planning.

With Christmas around the corner, my business partner has launched a promotion programme ( I am glad ) that will assist all who are interested in caring for their family. This is a Christmas promotion and therefore valid till 31 December 2010 only.

More details as follow:

1050 Package is ending 30th December 2010!

Grab the package – RM650 will (can be top up later), 5 years custody + Executor appointment fee RM120 is waived!! Will details can be settled & signed by 30 June 2011! Fabulous Package!

Appointments on first-come-first-serve basis

This is not a paid advert but a social concern that we share and strongly believe in.

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