Consumers – Which ‘1’ are U?

Consumers. Know this word? We are all consumers, one way or other. What kind of consumer are you?

My wife is not a consumer activist but she is definitely without a doubt an informed and wise consumer. How many of us have uttered the word below after we found out we’ve been shortchanged by a product or service?

No Offense folks...

Once upon a time, I used to misunderstand my dear wife thinking she was too uptight and serious about her rights. Thinking back, I now realize that I have been shortchanged quite significantly (cumulatively).

Unfortunately, not everybody soul in this world is honest. People will cut corners as and when they can. Products/Services sold are faulty or of inferior quality than those promised. If all of us are to keep quiet, what we are doing is to encourage these people to continue with such practises – which all of us do not condone. People who cut corners are selfish and haev limited vision.
My wife being a informed and wise consumer will also insist what was promised – no more, no less. Of course if the people are generous and offer more, then Good for them. Am sure people will appreciate the gesture and their reputation will grow, ultimately resulting in more business.
Let us all be better consumers. Justice to all consumers.

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