Snow & Sun Memories

Reading about the heavy snowfall in the papers, I remember the time when I saw snow for the first time. I was studying in England. It was the winter season and I was most hopeful then that it would snow. Keep in mind it has not snowed in England for many years. 

Alas God is good. One fine morning as I woke up, I looked out the window. *Walla*… it is snowing. In a flash I was out of my dorm room with my friend into the snow. Hahaha. 2 asian blokes diving into the snow. It was hilarious. Very kampung eh?

When it came to summer, we were dreading it. While it was not humid in UK as in Malaysia, the heat was “melting”. N0 fan, No airconditioning. Indeed I was melting in the heat. I think I might have lost a few pounds then too. To our surprise, the Europeans were out sun-bathing in large numbers.

Talk about clash of cultures. Asians rush out into the snow while Europeans stayed in. In the hot summer sun, Asians hide inside while the Europeans go out.


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