MCs – HooHaa…

I am intrigued by the debate on the MC controversy. Perhaps I can add more controversy :p (nah…am only contributing my thoughts)

I have had the privilege of taking the journey from employee to employer. Here’s my 2-pence of thoughts from both perspectives:

MC! The immediate word that comes to my mind is “Opportunity”. Does that mean I am a lazy bum? On the contrary I hardly take MC since the 1st day I enter into the workforce. But why then Opportunity pops to my mind – society’s mentality?

All these years, I have encoutered quite a number of doctors who are very generous with their MCs. Even with the slightest of flu/cough, they would happily ask “Do you want MC”? Sometimes I would give them “the” look and tell them it is not necessary.

As an employer, I have had staff who comes to me with MC consistently once or twice a month. We have our panel clinic but few of them do not like going there. Guess why! Our panel clinic doctor (owner) has great integrity. He only issues MC when necessary. It is in line with our company’s practise – we accept “valid” MCs in recognition that they need rest and are not fit to work – and we do not make a fuss about it.

Our panel doctor tells us that few has come to ask for MC and they get angry when their request are not entertained (these guys are either no longer with us or have been given stern warning). Unfortunately, recently a newly hired doctor in our panel clinic issued a MC to one staff when he could still come to the office to pass me the MC and spend time chatting and smoking with colleagues. Do you think the MC is necessary in this case? I had to chase the bloke home so as not to distract his colleagues – not forgetting of course to query the relevant doctor.

In prior cases, some individuals have produced MCs only to be found lurking around the neighbourhood enjoying themselves or doing some other activities except work!

Okay, so what is my conclusion you might ask….

  1. Doctors (some) are too generous with MCs. They offer to the patients as to get into the their good books for future biz
  2. Undoutbedly there will be individuals that will “ask” or demand for MCs and of course some doctors will be most accommodating
  3. As I severely reprimand any of my staff for fake MCs, doctors too should be held accountable. After all doctors are professionals and we want and should be able to trust their professionalism

Last but not least, for the information of all, applying for leaves in our company is never a hassle. We believe there must be adequate rest in order to be productive. We only ask for honesty and integrity.


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