Amazing “Drive” Malaysia

Are you a driver in Malaysia? Have you driven in various parts of our country? Apparently different states have very different type of drivers.

  • Johoreans are stereotyped as impatient & reckless drivers
  • Penangites are stereotyped as slooooooow drivers
  • KL drivers are stereotyped as “I ain’t giving you a centimeter, so forget about an inch” drivers

What type of a driver are you? 

I am a person who kinda enjoys driving. Some people find it strange but I do enjoy driving. So there – case closed!

I will rate myself as a rather good, rather quick and skillful driver. Three of the most humorous comments I have received about my driving is 

  • I reverse my car faster than some people going forward.

  • I do not use brakes

  • I drive @ 100km/hr along Jalan Bukit Bintang (if you know the place, you will know that is almost impossible)

I am an optimist. So I will consider the comments above a “compliment” . Just for your knowledge, I did aspire to be a F1 driver once upon a time…

Coming back to drivers – Based on my years of experience, in my opinion, drivers can be categorized into the following categories:


  • calculated driver
  • visionary & strategist
  • sharp
  • decisive
  • relatively fast


  • show-off
  • may be egoistic & maniac
  • may aggressively rushing here & there but getting nowhere
  • driving without strategy


  • indecisive
  • reckless
  • may be slow or fast


  • complete duds (need I elaborate?) as in all Batman’s villian’s henchmen


Based on feedback, I think I belong to the Batman category 🙂 (not self praise ok?)

Whatever category you may belong to, here’s a simple advice –

Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Enjoy Driving


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