Life Dis-Connected

This blog topic is inspired by me being dis-connected from cable TV, or rather the difficulty of being dis-connected from cable TV. I was busy texting my condo building manager with the greatest of hope that service will be re-established but to no avail.

What happened after was feeling of frustration – lost – bored – etc. Why is that so? Is life all about cable TV or TV only?

It has occurred to me before that I am being overly connected to cable TV. Analyzing the situation, it is quite sad. Life should not be about cable TV. God has provided us a lot more than TV – family, books, music, friends, etc.

Are we being robbed of life’s other pleasures? The unfortunate answer is YES.

It is time for all of us to dis-connect from TV and re-connect with life. There is no doubt that it is easier said than done but it can & should be done.

3 thoughts on “Life Dis-Connected

  1. Why watch cable TV? The answer is because it is there. You sit down and flick a switch and on comes the TV. Having dozens of channels instinctively makes one sit there and flip through the channels in search of something worth watching. The chances of finding something worth watching of course is high as the number of channels is high. Thus one wastes time in front of the tube.

    Just cut the subscription. You can live without it cause I don’t have any cable subscription channels in my house. You flip the channels five times and then switch off the TV (most of the time, anyways) when you exhaust the free-to-air channels. Then you are free to spend the time with your family. You save your money and get to have real quality time with your loved ones. What’s not to like?

    1. Never had one to begin with. Had one in my dad’s place previously. Once I moved out, I never did subscribe. I don’t think I missed anything by not having it! 🙂

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