Condo Dwellers @ Champs or Chumps?

We’ve just finished our condo’s 2nd AGM. The proceedings reminded me of a few things…

We may stay in a condo but people’s mentality can be categorized as follow:


  • Easily manipulated by other owners who’re seeking self-benefit
  • Completely ignorant of events or progress. They seem lost in time…somewhere


  • People who take ownership of the condo (not only their own unit but the condo) contributing ideas, time and even finances
  • People who promote communication, cooperation, understanding
  • People who act constructively instead of just criticizing


  • People who thinks the whole world owes them…in this case, the condo and all it’s related parties – management, committee, other owners/residents
  • People who thinks they’re absolute KING and only he/she is right (all the time)
  • Finger pointing – Blaming game – everything is everybody’s fault

It seems the person who complaints the most are the least likely to contribute their time/energy. All they do is demand, demand & demand. Where is the giving?

As a former founding JMB Chairman in my condo and an owner/resident, I have the unique perspective of both resident & service provider. Is it easy to serve? NO. Whatever we do, no matter how excellent it is, there will always be a dissatisfied owner/resident – the Chumps & Desperados. They assume or should I say hold on to the belief that Management and Committee has control and responsibility over everything – common area, the inside units and even the public roads.

Of course there’re the low-cost flat minded people – they hand their clothes out the window, along the corridor, on balconies, leave their stuff all over the 5-foot ways, etc. If you wish to act like a flat dweller, stay in a flat. Condo is condo. Flat is flat. Have some respect for fellow owners/residents.

So if you’re a condo dweller, remember this – the condominium is the responsibility of all; not just the management or committee. Don’t ask why, why, why – Ask what can I do to contribute? Don’t complaint – Give feedback/ideas.

Wishing you a peaceful and exciting condo dwelling


2 thoughts on “Condo Dwellers @ Champs or Chumps?

  1. Great Post. The philosophy that i learnt that as held me in great stead in all negotiations, is to aim for WIN WIN. This i believe I read in Stephen Coveys – 7 principles.

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