Investment, the Malaysian way…

Have put on my investment HAT recently to re-ignite my passion in investment. *woohoo*


What is your choice investment tool?


Investment in Malaysia isn’t exactly rocket science as the tools available are limited. Most of the times, people have either mutual funds, insurance investment linked products, shares/stocks, property, etc.

The most alarming common trait I notice is that some of these supposedly “advisors” are not investors themselves and also they do not bother to understand your financial standing / investment goals.

The 2nd alarming trade is most self-proclaimed investors are speculators or news & tips investors. They go around sniffing for news and tips and jump onboard as soon as they hear a rumor.  

Returning  to the “advisors”. Most of them are only focused on selling a product. Do we blame them? They’re only doing their jobs – doing what they’re trained to do. Individuals whom are not investors themselves will never or have great difficulty understanding the expectation & need of an investor.

I have spoken to many people from vary industries – insurance, mutual fund, banks, real estates and only a very small percentage of them are able to understand and convince me.

 Our Malaysian investors, a percentage of them are unfortunately ignorant and completely uneducated about investment. Worse, some are driven by greed. The future of their investment rests in the hands of salespeople and not genuine advisors. Is it little wonder that the results are not as desired?

Invest a few moments in thinking.  It will pay good interest.  ~Author Unknown

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