H2O My Experience

H2O. I have just come out of our pool accompanying my lovely wife with her physio exercise.

While in the water, I tried to swim and immerse myself in water. Mind you, I do not know how to swim. That is scary. As soon as my whole head submerge into water I have this paranoia that envelopes me.

Thinking back, I have always liked H2O or water as most of us knows it. I like to drink water, I love the sea, I like the sound & smell of rain, etc. Gosh, I like even to just play with water.

The unfortunate thing is I do not know how to swim. I remember ages ago I was sent to a swimming class as a young lad. I was in this class with few other kids and the trainer (whom I do not have good thoughts of) just told me to hold my breath and pushed my head into the water and won’t let me come up. I freaked out! Yeah no kidding. That was my 1st and last class I went to. Never went or attempted any swimming classes thereafter. Maybe I was too chicken or the 1st experience freaked me out BIG TIME.

Anyway, as for the recent few times going into the pool with my wife for her physio re-ignited my passion for “swimming”. I started tinkering with the thought of learning to swim.

I had and still love water.

So what do you think? Should I learn to swim?


3 thoughts on “H2O My Experience

  1. Hei its me jimmy rosseno, just 4 u’r info I often use nickname like jimmy bond or jimmy ow.
    Just the same here man, I can’t swim either when I was a kid some friend mocked me for a chicken don’t dare to swam ‘heeii who do u think I am?’ I thought, I just jump to the pool with 3 m mark with a glourius style and almost killed myself drowning.
    Untill now I had 3 or 4 similar situation because re kindled ol fire to swim stuff.
    I often told my wife it’s not that I couldn’t swim its just I can’t go to surface to take some air that’s all no big deal 😀

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