@ your “Incompetent” service

Who am I referring to? Ever heard of Toyota Capital Malaysia? If you’re thinking of signing up your car under their leasing scheme, be very careful. Here is my story…

I have been pondering whether to share my story but they helped me decide yesterday when they faxed me a letter that confirms their ignorance towards their attitude/service.

My car was bought and signed under a leasing scheme by Toyota Capital Malaysia. Everything went well until we entered the 3rd year of the lease. Their practise every year is that they will send me an official letter informing me of the following year’s monthly leasing amount payable. The amount is supposed to include the cost of road tax too. 

In 2010, I started paying the amount stated in the letter sent to me. My payments were prompt and up-to-date. All was quiet until 2-3 months ago, I started receiving endless calls and sms demanding payment. I was shocked! The manner in which they pursued this matter  is a resemblance of an “along” a.k.a loan sharks.

As I seeked clarification from them, I found out that they made a mistake.   They forgot to factor the road tax into the cost. I was unhappy I as the customer was made to feel like a fool because of their own mistakes. After a few calls to ensure they understand the seriousness of their mistake, I was given the assurance this will not be repeated and that I have no amount outstanding.

Story finished? Don’t bet on it. 2 weeks later, again I received endless calls and sms demanding payment. WHAT??? This time it is even more severe. One evening I received sms saying I owe RM3000+, the next morning it was RM7000+.

Again, I had to call them to lodge my complaint. Again, I received my apologies and assurance there will be no repeat of this.

Let’s make it more interesting. Alas, there is a 3rd time! This time, I received a letter demanding payment for RM400+. By now I am already feeling very sick with this repeat issues. So, I called (again) and this time they insist that there is outstanding of RM400+ which is the road tax cost that they forgot.

In the past 2x, at the end of the conversations, they had assured me there is no outstanding amount. I queried them 3x more then and they said there is no outstanding. Suddenly they have the nerve to claim there is outstanding amount again. As I spoke to the Sr Manager, he assured me he will look into this matter and give me a satisfactory reply.

Guess what his reply was. He just faxed me a letter saying the amount RM400+ payable is deferred to end of the lease tenure “as agreed by us all”. Who is us? I never agreed anything. I was still waiting for the explanation owing to me. It seems someone has just manipulated the whole situation. 

RM400+ is not much. I can afford it but this is matter of principle. Myself as a businessman, if I quoted a price wrongly, I honor it. It is not fair that my customer be inconvenienced or have to bear the responsibility of my mistake. Apparently in Toyota Capital Malaysia, their word is KING. It does not matter if they’re the ones who made the mistake. They will pass the buck to their customer and needless to say, we’ve to follow their instructions!

Am I just going to keep quiet? NO! I am going to pursue my rights as customer and consumer. If they can do this to me, they will do this to others too… I am going to seek justice!


4 thoughts on “@ your “Incompetent” service

  1. Go nick! Fight the alongs with 18 Dragon-Subduing Palm, I’ll help with Dugu 9 swords stance. Don’t give up bro, it’s not about RM400, it’s about the way man, THE MANNER which they treat you make me mad YNWA }<

  2. Heeeeei nick it’s me, me man u’r indonesian reds friend jimmy rosseno awwww how could u forgot me. I just oftenly used nickname jimmy bond or jimmy ow ( my chinese surname ) 😉

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