Punk Driver

Yesterday as we were driving to Damansara Heights from direction of Istana Negara, we were caught in the infamous jam along Jalan Mahameru. As we passed the Muzium Negara on the left, many cars that overtake on inside will attempt to continue their overtaking using the emergency lane. Yesterday was no exception.

As a few cars were attempting this move, they saw a police patrol car in front and naturally, everybody swerves in. All the cars were attempting to enter the legal lane mannerfully. However the car tha was trying to swerve in front of me was an exception.

In his Herculean MYVi car, he just barged his way in without regards to safety or my car. The fact that my car was exactly next to his was no deterrent. He barged his way in and drove in a very arrogant manner. After 50m in front, I was able to overtake this car and see who this driver is.

Guess what!

Driver is no more than a young punk who even made a very arrogant face at me. I really felt like slapping him, not to mention dis-assemblying his car 🙂


This youth has no idea the danger of being arrogant on the road. Imagine him pulling this stunt on a car driven by a not-so-decent person.

So if you see this punk on the road, stay clear of him. He will not hesitate to barge into your car to have his way.


4 thoughts on “Punk Driver

  1. Nowadays, people on the road dunno have what kind of mentality wan. All so kiasu don’t know want to rush where. I give them way, let them through and hopefully they will speed off and harass someone else.

    Worse is motorcyclists. They ride their machines with wild abandon! Never see car. Never see people. Dunno what they see also.

  2. KK, couldn’t agree with you more. Bikers will ignore cars even when we put indicators. One of their bad habit is to kick cars or show middle finger. It is a wonder why there are so many accidents involving them?

  3. Wakakakak if u’r car get kicked kicked them back at their a*s so hard they’ll fly to the moon. It’s not just u’r country nor my country, I think everywhere just the same. Those renegade punk need some whack at their head }(

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