Politics Circus

I use to read with interest the developments of our local politics. Then I read with disgust. Now, I do not read about it at all.

I have a question to our politicians. Why are you in politics? Are you there to serve or for personal gain?

Almost everyday, our politicians throw mud at each other. There are so many claims of irregularities, sabotage, etc. Do us Malaysians a favor. If you have proof of irregularities, go report to the authorities. Why must you appear on paper/media claiming you have proof? Are you indicating to the other party that either you conform to my demands or I will expose you? So if he/she conforms, you will sweep this matter under the carpet?

Where is your moral conscience or obligation? If truly you there has been some form of irregularity, should you not report to the authorities? Politicians are elected reps. Politicians are answerable to the “rakyat”.

After reading of many claims of irregularities, I have not really seen any reports to the authorities, much lesser of any actions taken. It makes me wonder the purpose of holding press conferences to make such claims.

Forget about self-glorification. Forget about personal gains. Remember the “Rakyat”. Politicians should just focus on giving their Best to serve the people. If you cannot, then please leave. If you have proof of irregularities, report it.

Press conferences are just fun-fairs, trying to draw attention to self. So to our “matured” & “trust-worthy” politicians, do what you are elected to do. It is never about you. It is about the “Rakyat”


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