Poor Man’s Food


Where to go for your meal? I can recommend you 101 mouth-watering places but let’s start with “where not to eat” based on my very recent experience.

Heard of Crystal Jade restaurant? They have a few outlets but I am referring to the outlet in Pavilion. Since the dawn of Crystal Jade (day one opening), their service has always been “bad”. Yeah, not mediocre but bad. However, the food then was kinda good, so we tolerate the poor service.

Now, the food quality is as poor as the service. Allow me to walk you thru my recent experience:

  1. Arrived restaurant, had to find my own table.
  2. Captain came, asked if want to order and took our orders. Throughout the process, she looked ABSOLUTELY miserable and needless to say, no smile.
  3. When taking orders, she never bothered to look at us (the customers). She kinda just poked blindly around the menu when we asked her to recommend.
  4. Try asking for garlic, water, etc. and we’ve to ask minimum 3x before being served
  5. Last but not least, food quality now is POOR.

Crystal Jade has just successfully downgraded their food to POOR. Worst still, the price we paid was completely not justifiable for this quality. *sigh*

The only difference between Crystal Jade restaurant and outside coffee shops is that it is air-conditioned. Service here is possibly worse than outside.

All the dishes tastedĀ flat. The gravy was tasteless and the components in the dishes were equally tasteless.Ā Even the texture of the components was a mess. TheĀ only dish worth mentioning was the soup. Everything elseĀ tastes as good as “water”.

Our finalĀ verdict?

  • Service – 2/10
  • Food – 3/10
  • Value for money – 3/10

So as you can see, we are very certain that we will not be recommending this outlet to anyone.


2 thoughts on “Poor Man’s Food

  1. Wahahahaha! Please don’t insult the outside coffee shops! You can actually find GOOD FOOD in some outside coffee shops! And the prices are more down to earth too. Places like Pavilion are all overrated.

    Some outlets that I would not recommend:

    1. Pizza Hut. Seriously folks, if you want to eat pizza, Pizza Hut’s the worst choice. Why not go to places like Papa John’s that serves real pizza. Pizza Hut used to be good but that was a long time ago.

    2. ‘Chap Fan’ stalls inside the food courts of upscale shopping centres like KLCC etc. The veges/dishes in these places are cold!!! If you’re lucky your rice will be warm. Prices also upscaled. Really not worth it.

    3. Curry houses, like Kayu etc. Not to say that the food is bad. The food is generally ok but the prices are really ridiculous. A simple meal of a rice with 3 dishes (1 meat plus 2 veggies) can easily set you back RM8 or so. Not worth it. If you’re a fan of these curry houses then by all means go. This is just me.

  2. Bud, the reference is just to show that the standards in Crystal Jade @ Pavilion is completely unacceptable. If it was outside coffeeshop, I can still understand.

    I agree with you that Papa John’s pizza is quite good.

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