Mannerism – A Dying Culture?

Hello. Thank you. Please…..

Have you ever noticed how far and few people utter these words nowadays? Even one of our local radio station touched on this subject and says the silence is deafening.

What happened? We drive thorough a toll and pay the cashier. Who says thank you? Me. It is as if the cashier is my customer instead. We go to the bank and most bank staff looks absolutely miserable. Yesterday we went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch and the captain looks so downright depressed.

Then there is the matter of coughing and flu in public. These people tend not to close their mouth. Spread the “joy” I suppose! But no thanks. Once during the peak of influenza, we almost got into a “fight” with a man. Why? The daughter was having cough and bad flu and you guess it right – she was not wearing mask nor did she close her mouth when sneezing / coughing. If you were sitting next to her, what will you do? Naturally is to close our own mouth. The man sacartiscally ticked us off as being “chicken” and not to come out of our home is so afraid.

That set the scene for 3rd world war. I had very strong words for him about his comment and common sense.  I went at him like a machine-gun. He deserved it.

When I was in UK, it really is very different – people are polite everywhere, even on the roads. Or maybe Malaysians are only well mannered towards foreigners?

It definitely is an issue for us to ponder and improve!

Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals – Horace Mann
A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


One thought on “Mannerism – A Dying Culture?

  1. Japan is “well cultured” too, next to mannerism. Wen I was there i was “delighted” & surprised to see few wearing masks in the crowd. I was told the culture was quite reversed than I often see locally, if someone has flu or cough (not just during influenza seasons), he will naturally wears a mask as mannerism, to prevent spreading to others! Hmmm… we shud learn from them. & not to mention, they won’t steal your things, if you accidentally leave something behind, no matter how expensive “takai desu ne”, come back for it, it sits there waiting for you! Here at home, I wish you good luck, though there can be “lucky” times…

    Wen back home, those who are cultured & care about health have to buy tonnes of masks and wear them in public places becoz THOSE who have throat problems, cough or flu, some with really bad flu & cough are everywhere, NOT wearing a mask or closing their mouths!!

    I remember my Pastor once preached that most of the problems we faced today in society were kindergarten foundation, so looks like many of us should go back & relearn some KINDERGARTEN BASICS… the kids in my aunt’s preschools are taught how to wash hands, literally demonstrated by hospital staffs, I learnt too thro these demos, indeed hand washing is important & specific ways to wash hands & fingers…

    Many adults are not taught these basics, wash hands before eat, wash hands before touch ears, eyes or nose, close mouth when sneezing or cough, wear a mask if having flu or cough, AND SAY SORRY if necessary!! SAY “THANK YOU” even if not necessary:) Just like you, Nick, we say thank you to the one in TOLL Counter!

    Well, dun we all got lots of basics to learn:)

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