Friends Here, There & Everywhere

Isn't this true?
As at 11.40pm, 15 November 2010, my facebook account shows that I have 969 friends. Are all these people my friends to begin with? You better not believe me if I said they are.

I cannot help but ask myself why is it that I have so many people in my list. A majority of them I know them only via FB. What is my TRUE motive of having so many “friends”?

I am aware that some people is of the opinion that they are supposedly popular because they have a loooooong list. Am I one of them? I’ve been thinking about this for some time and am absolutely pleased to conclude that I am not.

I do not want to have a long list of people in my friends list just for showing off. I want REAL FRIENDS. Thus far, from the few people I have had the privilege of meeting, they are wonderful individuals. They too are not looking for “victims” or seeking popularity.

I’ve never had many friends. If ever I am blessed to have many many friends, I will be more than delighted. After all, one can never complain of having too many friends right? Won’t it be nice to have friends wherever we go and especially as we grow older? It will be miserable to grow old without friends.

There are many types of friends. Friends by name, true friends, etc. I believe true friends are as graphically depicted below:

Definition of Friend

What kind of friend will we be? Only time will tell… Meanwhile, why worry.

So if anyone of you are reading this and you are in my friends’ list, please remember that you are more than a number, more than a name, more than a person – I consider you a friend. I may not have the privilege to know you in person yet but you are a friend nonetheless.


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