My October 29 morning…

Good morning. Drizzle & Sleepy. Yeah, I was so reluctant to wake up in light of the cool weather. Nonetheless because of work commitment, I had to  😦

Anyway, as usual, the traffic jam along Maju Expressway (MEX) was bad. Am paying toll to get stuck in traffic *sigh*

As I reached the Jln Tun Razak – Loke Yew elevated highway, I encountered a convoy of VIPs. What was pleasant about this convoy was the police outriders. In most experiences with them, they tend to be more of a road bully, blasting their sirens, finger pointing, legs out (as if wanting to kick your car) or ride really close to you to force you to as side a road as possible.

In this instance, the outriders was patient with motorists, politely indicating to motorists to move aside/slow down and even gesturing a sign of appreciation. This is what I call a disciplined force. Will you respect and be more cooperative towards this polite officers or the “road bullies”?

After the pleasant experience, came an encounter with an idiotic driver. This driver was trying to do a u-turn at the Loke Yew-Cheras highway. Do you know the volume of traffic there? Though with 3 lanes, he was unable to do a quick/direct u-turn (which is a complete breach of law). He had to do a 3-point turn (and slowly too). There was almost an accident with a few cars applying emergency brakes to avoid knocking his car (I am one of them) and cars further behind trying to avoid hitting the front cars.

I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the photo of this driver/car but alas!, I pressed the wrong button and the culprit got away scott-free.

Anyway, it was overall an “ok” morning and I reached office safely – to be greeted with tons of work!

Let’s rock & roll. Clock is ticking…

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