I feel sorry to see my wife confined at home for the past 2-3 months. She was a very mobile and dynamic lady.  Her business was on the upswing too. That makes the “staying home” even more challenging.

The fracture on her left ankle left us no choice but for her to rest her ankle. Personally, I have been frustrated and bored and that with me still being able to leave home to work. What about my wife?

I wish I can do more for her but with the ankle not recovered yet, our choices are limited.

Everyday we pray that she is healed so that her life can resume to normal.

God bless you Dear… ♥


2 thoughts on “Boriiiiiiiiing…

  1. It’s hard but eventually it heals.
    At the mean time try starting something that can be done at home.
    like an internet business?

  2. I agree. Eventually it will heal. Nonetheless, from being someone (both of us) who is mobile and always on the move, it is as if we ran smacked into a wall – painful & frustrating.

    We try to still get our work done with use of technology. Nonetheless being physically limited is still testing our patience.

    Thx for the encouragement & suggestion

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