Couples UNITE !

I had just received on behalf of my wife 2 Award plaques in recognition of her outstanding performance in her business. She was unable to receive the plaques herself cause she was recovering from her fractured ankle.

I feel so proud of her and am blessed to have a capable wife. As I was sharing the joy with her, I am reminded of the comments/thoughts /advice of some people since college:

Don’t find a wife who is more capable than you

If your wife is more capable than you, she will bully you


It is sad that till today, there are still people who holds onto this belief. Why would anyone want to have a spouse that is dumber? Why would a man feel threatened or belittled if his spouse is capable?

Who would be able to help you better – a capable wife or a dumb wife?

Will you prefer people to label your wife as “capable” or “dumb”?

If there is love and respect in our relationship/marriage, then this will not be an issue at all. Your closest companion and support is your wife/spouse.

Love & Respects Conquers

So to all the men out there, this message is not meant to be offensive. Think about it! Time to flush away the ego & pride.

Pride Robs us of the Blessings

Husbands and wife completes each other – not compete with each other.

So, time to get United! Who can you trust if not your spouse?


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