Yummy! Chee Cheong Fun

Anyone fancy a good meal of chee cheong fun? Good ones are hard to find. There is however an above average chee cheong fun in Old Klang Road. What is best about this chee cheong fun is the “sauce”. Don’t forget to ask for more!

Chee Cheong Fun

This stall is operated by a family. Besides chee cheong fun, they also have “thong sui” a.k.a desserts. Desserts are different everyday.

name your choice

In case you do not like chee cheong fun, neighboring stalls offer grilled lamb chop, wan tan mee, etc. Don’t order your chee cheong fun and sit in the area for wan tan mee. There is a fued between them.

Try it out! If you know where FGA church in Old Klang Road is, this stall is next to FGA, visible from the main road (old klang road leading to kuchai lama)


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