Expressway to Nowhere =(

Folks, being Klang Valley residents, traffic jam is a part of our daily lives.

I introduce you to Maju Expressway. When it was first opened, travelling was a breeze. Then the nightmare begun. Almost every morning, I will be stuck in the traffic jam after the toll all the way to Jalan Tun Razak.

Why are we paying to be stuck and crawling in an Expressway? Highway operators should give discounts during traffic jams as we the motorists are not enjoying what was promised to us – quick, smooth and pleasant!

Drowning in Jam

What do all of you my fellow city folks think?


2 thoughts on “Expressway to Nowhere =(

  1. This is Malaysia mah… Where almost everything is topsy turvy. Paying toll just to be stuck in traffic jams? It’s nothing new. Jam everyday on the LDP. Jam everyday on the NKVE. You know what’s even worse? The toll operators will impose toll hikes every now and then! Then we have to pay more to be stuck in jams!

    These people only build highways to collect toll and never really study the whole thing well. The highways will invariably exit into some congested areas so it’s no help at all. They just move the jams from one area to the next. It’s not like they build new entry and exit points or add new routes to ease the congested areas.. They just build bypasses that deposit you back into the congested areas.

    How many new entry points into KL can you find? There’s the ancient federal hiway. The Jalan Duta entry from NKVE. The Sungei Besi hiway. Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching. Any new ones? Nope! All new highways exit near or on these existing points so how’s the congestion going to ease?

  2. KK, you are right. Topsy-turvy is the norm in Malaysia. We are paying to get stuck in highways. Then again does anyone ever listen?

    Malaysia Boleh!

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