We are all “Pendatang”

We are Malaysians

It troubles me whenever I read of a particular race being called a “Pendatang”. With the exception of the orang asli, are we all not “pendatang”?

I recall the time when I was studying in U.K. People would ask me if I am from Singapore and without fail, each and every single time, my answer is “I am a Malaysian”. I said it with pride. I never told people I am a Chinese or I am a Malaysian Chinese.

Why is it that we have to classify ourselves? and if that is not enough, make it sound as if some groups of people are more superior than others? Why is it so difficult to live as “one”?

Even if we are only called as Malaysians, does it mean we will lose our cultural identities?

My fellow Malaysians, I am proud to be a Malaysian and it is time to drop ranks and unite. Look at our children. Put them all together in one room and they cannot see or differentiate each other. All they see are “friends”.

Mr. Prime Minister, I applaud you for saying it aloud and putting it right the  “pendatang” issue.



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