Accidents are Never Good

Just went to visit a staff of mine. He had a nasty bike accident. What turned out to be a normal incident turned really bad.

Bike Accident

Out of respect for him and family, there will not be any pics posted of him

As for most bikers, he was weaving (was told not fast) between cars caught in traffic jam and suddenly had to apply emergency brake. He fell off his bike and unfortunately for him, a trailer passed by and the tires went over his left hand. He lost 3 fingers.

I have always and constantly reminded the bikers to be mindful of their safety.  We never expect accidents to happen to us – maybe our neighbors – but never us. A young man whom lost 3 fingers at a moment of madness.

When I was in the hospital, the mother was also there. First question I was asked is “will my son still be able to work”. I gave her the honest answer  – YES! It is only 3 fingers but his other fingers, hands, body and most importantly “brains” are still intact and working. I assured her the son has no need to fear for his job. It is SAFE!

So to all of you bikers out there – we are not invincible creatures. We are fragile. REMEMBER THIS FACT!

I pray that he recovers soon and am confident that he will still form an integral part of our company


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