ARRRGGH! Temp Maids Drive Me Nuts!

Yes, you read it right. Temp maid(s) drive me NUTS!

I Am so Frustrated

In the past 7-8 weeks, me and my wife have had the fortunate or rather the unfortunate experience of engaging and dealing with temp maids.

Hang on while I let go some steam…. ARRRGGH!

Ask my wife. She shares my frustrations too.

To be fair, whilst not all temp maids we encountered are bad, most of them are a walking DISASTER.

The biggest obstacle is language. Imagine they do not understand a single word. We have to be creative to learn to communicate. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Take photos using our mobile phone of all the items you may need or want. When you need a certain item, show them the photo
  2. Write down the instructions and if possible, interpret into their language (use google translate, dictionary, etc.)
  3. Use hand language and feet too if necessary :p (hahaha)

Now you may think this should solve all the problems. WRONG!!! They still will not understand most of the time! ARRRRGGGGH!

Wait! Are there are other problems? You bet!

  1. Eating our food without permission
  2. Using our stuff without permission
  3. Telling me she does not want her dinner and prefer mine (what???)
  4. Completely ignore our instructions
  5. Hanging their clothes with good hangers while ours with old hangers
  6. etc etc etc

I do not wish to bore any of you with more “bla bla bla”. Thanks a bunch for lending me a listening ear (figuratively speaking)

Oh. By the way, we’re still engaging temp maids and the ARRRGGGH goes on



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